Amethyst Crystal Gold Beads


  • Material: Amethyst Crystal
  • Two 18c Solid Gold Beads 4mm
  • Quantity: 108 beads
  • Round Amethyst Bead Size: 6 mm
  • Length(Approx): 15 inch / strand
  • Handmade tassel Cotton
  • Individually knotted
  • Gift Bag with Rock Salt


Crystal Beads have a variety of purposes whether for prayer, meditation, healing, an affirmation, mantra, counting, or wearing them everyday to energise and enhance your Aura.


  • Amethyst is a great companion for deeply spiritual people, or for those who would like to rekindle their connection to the spiritual aspect of themselves.
  • You can use amethyst to enhance meditation, dream work, or to deepen mystical experiences.
  • Amethyst crystals work to activate the crown chakra, awakening your intuitive and spiritual gifts.

Have you counted to 108 Beads

If you have undercounted, you could be overthinking, tired or stuck in thoughts. If you over counted you could be anxious with a racy mind, try again and if you counted correctly you are in the zone, keep going.