Agate Crystal 108 Beads


Agate Crystal 108 Beads have a variety of purposes, whether for prayer, meditation, healing, an affirmation, mantra, counting, or wearing them every day to energize and enhance your Aura.


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Agates created from thousands of years of microscopic crystals of quartz compressed down into an egg shape stone; this is a very stable crystal. Agate is a grounding stone, bringing about an emotional, physical, and mental balance. They aid in centring and stabilizing the Aura filed.

Agate stones Sliced

Agate Crystal beads comes in a variety of colours.

Because they are grounding, they can be worn every day under clothing.

Meditate on the go !!

How to use beads when meditating to 108 If you have undercounted, you could be overthinking, tired or stuck in thoughts. If you over counted you could be anxious with racy thoughts, try again, and if you counted correctly, you are in the zone, keep going.

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Green Moss Agate Tassel, Green Moss Agate Coin, Blue Agate, Fire agate

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