Energetic Management Counselling


1 hr session – Call to arrange voice appointment and payment can be made on online once payment has gone through. Conversations are kept  private and confidential, advice given is designed to help and is in no way to take the place of a doctor care.     


Energy management is a form of counselling that helps us bring together the Soul, Mind and Body. Energy is physically linked to our chakras and meridian points that form a sphere, called the aura layers. To achieve our best energy levels,  we must flow with our electrical body otherwise, if we go against the gran, we will create pain.

Every person and every molecule of our body emits energy. By simply tuning into a certain level of consciousness we can learn to find our happy tune,  and be in the right vide – at the right time.

If our personal energy is blocked, it can restrict our mobility and cause fatigue. If our soul can’t express itself – our body creates more obstacles. If we cant feel comfortable in a difficult situation, we create more unrest.


Energetic healing encompasses tools as a skill in the form of  Meditation,  Sound and Vibration, Aromatherapy, Crystal Frequencies, Colour and Art Therapy, Qi Exercises, Prevention as Medicine, Touch for health and Affirmations. Other therapies that fall under the same umbrella are  Reflexology, Yoga, Reiki, Acupuncture, Massage, Zen Shiatsu, Spiritual Healing, and Feng Shui for external clearing and cleansing.

Working with energy healing techniques can help us deal with a sudden accident, trauma, shock,  financial crisis, death of a loved one,  an emergence, argument, divorce,  feeling burnout, or just need to talk.

When we  are open and willing and ready to step into our true self we can hold the space to explore what’s beyond and tap into our unlimited/infinite knowing.  Being our sovereign self is removing attachments we have accumulated.  We can let go of the things we don’t want and focus on what we really need.  Spend more of our valuable time in being content and in the zone.

Accredited in Energetic and Spiritual healing from Nature Care College  since 2006-Faculty of counselling and life studies combined with remedial massage as Hands on healing has proven to me that the energy body is real. I have personally used these techniques in my own healing journey. The experience has helped me, help others with the healing process. Learning about our body is to tap into our intuitive skills and reduce anxiety. The rewarding aspect of healing is when you over come an obstacle, you don’t have to relive it.

Pain can be difficult when we are feeling sensitive and tender – through energy therapy we can explore what creates blockages from mild or acute.

I’m also a culinary trained chef, learn easy food ideas and healthy tips. The important benefits of nutritional foods is how to cook and digest them properly for the healing process. 

Trained as Aromatherapist 18 years and accredited perfumer, The essence and personality of plants creates a mood booster. Instead of visualising a Bouquet flowers, you can smell them.



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