Guidance counselling


1 hr session – Call to arrange voice appointment and payment can be made on online. Conversations are kept  private and confidential, advice is designed to help and is in no way to take the place of a doctor care.     


Qi points and chakras omit a sphere called the aura layers. To achieve our best vital levels, we must flow with our electric body otherwise, if we go against the grain, we create more pain.


Energy healing encompasses skills to access the healing process with Meditation, Sound and Vibration, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Crystal Frequencies, Yoga,  Art Therapy, Touch for health and Affirmations. Other therapies that are less known fall under the same umbrella are Reflexology, Qi Exercises , Acupuncture, Zen Shiatsu, and Feng shui for external clearing and cleansing.

Working with potential healing routines can benefit us with a sudden accident, trauma, shock financial crisis, death of a loved one, an emergence, argument, burnout, or just a desire to talk.

  • When willing and ready to step into our truth, we can hold the space to examine what’s beyond and draw into our infinite knowing.
  • Being our sovereign self is removing attachments.
  • Let go of the things we don’t want and focus on what we need.
  • Learning about our body is to tap into our self value and reduce anxiety.
  • The rewarding aspect of treatment is when you overcome an obstacle, you don’t have to relive it.
  • Tuning into the  aura we can learn to find our merry tune and be in a good vibe – at the correct time.
  • If our power points become restricted, it can cause fatigue.

The aura is a gently subtle power. I have used these techniques with my healing journey, has helped me to help others.

Pain can be difficult when we are feeling sensitive and tender. – through energy therapy, we can explore what creates a blockage from mild to acute.

Being a qualified chef, learn easy food ideas and healthy tips. The important benefit of nutrition is how to cook and digest them correctly for the repair process.

Accredited in Energy healing from Nature Care College since 2006-Faculty of counselling and life studies combined with remedial massage  Trained in essential oils for 18 years and certified perfumer, the persona of plants produces a mood booster. Instead of seeing a flower bouquet, you can smell them and clear the air.



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