Profumo dè Gaia


  • Plant based Oils
  • Vetiver – Patchouli – frankincense
  • vanilla beans – Labdanum – Pink Grapefruit


Profumo is a woody incense, Smoky sweet tones of spices facets, a leathery Vanilla amber bar, and lashings of zesty caramelization.

dè Vetiver and Indian Patchouli – Labdanum flower – Holy Frankincense – Vanilla bean – Pink Grapefruit

Aura Gaia magnetic essences form connections with mother earth forces. It’s synergistic effect results in stimulating the conscious mind and stabilizing the etheric body for peace, dream, meditation, spiritual guidance, and intuition.

Gaia meaning mother earth was inspired by a holiday to San Francisco amazing historical sites Castro to Haight Street in the ’60s and 70’s a generation dancing and walking dare foot with Gaia to musical bands at the Golden Gate Park.


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5g, 10g, 15g