Remedial Massage

Tight muscle become blocked, tense, and may lead to injury due to lack of flexibility and range of motion. Remedial Massage improves functionality and body mobility.

  • Constricted muscles function better when flexible and mobile.
  • Increase your range of motion and fix postural habits.
  • Improve performance, treat
  • pain management.
  • Ease insomnia by supporting your immune system. with better sleep. 


A remedial treatment begins with the client assessment form. During Remedial Massage gently kneading and forearm movements help calm the nervous system and unknot muscle fibres.

The pressure applied in this Remedial treatment can either be firm, deep or gentle and shallow, depending on the problem.

Remedial is not intended to aggravate; it eases inflammation associated with nerves endings that are, tight, rigid and congested.
Conversing during Massage is encouraged to find pressure points and knotted muscles that need the most attention.

Remedial is not intended to focus on pain areas but to soothe the aches by supplying oxygen and blood flow to superficial and deeper muscles.

Once treatment has finished an overall feeling of better function has improved.

Muscle stretching and strength exercises are also recommended after the Massage treatment to alleviate any causal or postural issues.

45 min = $90 | 60 min =120 | 90 min = $150 | Two Hours $190 | Couples Massage $240 | Health fund rebates for Remedial Massage |