remedial Massage

Muscle groups that are tight, blocked, locked, tense, injured and lacking in flexibility require Remedial Massage Therapy.

  • Constricted muscles function better when flexible and mobile.
  • Increase your range of motion and fix postural habits.
  • Improve performance, treat pain management.
  • Ease insomnia and sleep better by supporting your body natural immune system. 


A remedial treatment begins with filling in a client sheet and finding problem areas. Once the massage has commenced, we will converse to find pressure points and the best way forward to alleviate any causal or postural issues. Stretching and strength exercises are also combined.

|30mins = $ 50 | 45 min = $85 | 60 min = $100 | 90 min = $150 | Two Hours $180 | Health fund rebates for Remedial Massage |